Students are the heart of the university and we actively seek opportunities to engage undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in our mission of ending global poverty and hunger. There are several ways students can become involved with the Deaton Institute:

Join the Deaton Scholars Program

The Brady and Anne Deaton Institute for University Leadership in International Development invites University of Missouri students to apply to join the Deaton Scholars Program Spring 2021 cohort. The application can be found here.

The Deaton Scholars Program is an innovative team-based interdisciplinary approach to solving the world’s most challenging issues, and we want MU students to be involved.

Students who are interested in tackling food and nutrition insecurity, extreme poverty, or related issues in health or environmental sustainability are invited to apply to be a Deaton Scholar and join an esteemed cohort of student change-makers. Participation involves developing a community development project proposal alongside other students and learning about complex global problems.

The Deaton Scholars Program is open to undergraduate, graduate, professional, and international students at the University of Missouri, who work in interdisciplinary teams and use collective peer mentorship to grow leadership and innovation to tackle global challenges.

If there is an opportunity to speak to students or faculty about this opportunity, or you know of students that you would like to recommend for consideration into the program, or if you have questions, please email

Take the Zero Hunger Challenge Course

Dr. Kiruba Krishnaswamy teaches a fall course called Zero Hunger Challenge alongside the Deaton Scholars Program. The course focuses on the second sustainable development goal defined by the United Nations: zero hunger. Students in the course form groups and propose a community development project while learning about the complex global issues surrounding extreme poverty and hunger. Registered students are considered part of the fall cohort of Deaton Scholars Program participants and are welcomed to attend the five cohort events and other activities throughout the semester. The course is available for undergraduate and graduate students, and as an honors course.

Join the Scholar Advisory Board

After going through the Deaton Scholars Program, students are invited to stay engaged by joining the Scholar Advisory Board. Part of the leadership team, Scholar Advisory Board members help guide the direction of the Deaton Scholars Program, plan and carry out program events, propose and organize other activities for Scholars, and coach Scholar groups through the collective peer mentorship and project proposal processes. The Scholar Advisory Board is an integral part of the leadership team and it relies on the dedication of past Deaton Scholars Program participants. After you attend your celebration ceremony at the end of your cohort semester, you will receive an invitation to join the Scholar Advisory Board. Reach out to us at if you missed the invitation!


External Opportunities:

High School Opportunities: Global Youth Institute

The Missouri Youth Institute (MYI) is a state-wide high school conference and preliminary event to the Global Youth Institute, a youth program of The World Food Prize Foundation. MYI invites high school students to research a topic of global hunger and write a paper to explain their research and ideas to address hunger in their target country. The students then came to Mizzou where they learn more about global efforts to address food insecurity, and they form small groups to present and discuss their topics, and get feedback from an expert panel. Read CAFNR’s story on this year’s MYI: