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The task of ending global hunger and extreme poverty is not one we can tackle alone. We welcome any potential partners, donors, and student collaboration to work together toward our common objectives.

Program alumni can engage with us as members of the Alumni Advisory Board.

Collaborators & Institutional Partners


Donors & Funding Partners
All Students


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Contact Us:

For inquiries regarding partnership, creating a DSP model at your institution, funding, or the Within Reach: Zero Hunger conference, email henowski@mail.missouri.edu 

Deaton Scholars Program inquiries: DeatonScholars@missouri.edu

To contact Chancellor Emeritus Brady Deaton: DeatonB@missouri.edu 

Call us: 573-882-0092

Fiscal and programmatic support to the Deaton Institute is provided by:

CAFNR International Programs
1-28 Agriculture Building
University of Missouri


Community and Institutional Partners

We look forward to partnerships with local and global communities to forge avenues of cooperation around:

  • Development of local and global food security projects
  • Development of engaging educational materials to teach about food insecurity and poverty
  • Organization of policy think-tank events around local and global food security policy issue

Please connect with us for any other potential cooperation.