2022 Within Reach: No Poverty

The Deaton Institute for University Leadership in International Development and partners at the University of Missouri hosted a virtual conference, “Within Reach: No Poverty.” Over 3 days, April 4-7, 2022, students, professionals, and educators engaged in an impactful conversation about Sustainable Development Goal #1: No Poverty.

Keynote speakers include FAO North America Director Jocelyn Brown Hall, development economist Uma Lele, nutrition expert Patrick Webb, and former United States Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman.

Watch keynote speaker Uma Lele.

Watch keynote speaker Dan Glickman.

Watch keynote speaker Jocelyn Brown Hall.

Watch keynote speaker Joyce Cacho.

Watch panel on The Role of Higher Education in Poverty.

Watch A Conversation with Leading Non-Profits & NGOs.

The conference organizers send hearty thanks to all the speakers, participants, and sponsors of this important event.