2021 Within Reach: Zero Hunger

The Deaton Institute and University of Missouri were pleased to host a virtual conference April 12-15, 2021 with the title Within Reach: Zero Hunger.

See the Within Reach – Conference Workbook for the full list of our generous sponsors and speakers who fostered an incredible discussion among students, faculty, staff and community members.

Panels included:

Opening Session – Watch on DI Channel.

Agriculture Technology – Unlocking the Future

Higher Education – The Power to Transform

4 Executives. 40 Minutes. 40 Ideas. Social Impact Ideation Session – Watch on DI Channel.

The Changing Hunger Approach – No One Size Fitas All

Impact of Science: Scientific Advancements for Zero Hunger

From the Ground: Community Success Stories

Women in Food Security Leadership – Watch on DI Channel.

Policy Changes Needed Now

Public Health, Nutrition and Food System in a Post-COVID World


Keynote speakers included:
Catherine Bertini – Watch on DI Channel.
Rob Bertram
Roger Thurow
Dan Glickman
Ertharin Cousin
Vimlendra Sharan