2020 Missouri Youth Institute

The Missouri Youth Institute (MYI) was held March 2, 2020. As in previous years, members of the Deaton Scholars and the Deaton Institute participated in and supported the MYI activities.

The Missouri Youth Institute is a chapter of the Global Youth Institute, a program of The World Food Prize.

MYI invited high school students to research a topic of global hunger and write a paper to explain their research and ideas to address hunger in their target country. The students then came to Mizzou where they learned more about global efforts to address food insecurity, and they formed small groups to present and discuss their topics, and get feedback from an expert panel.

Deaton Scholars contributed to the organization, presentation, and the expert feedback with the young scholars.

We are proud of the efforts of the young people in Missouri Youth Institute and beyond that identify and grow their passion for addressing these global challenges.

Read CAFNR’s story on this year’s MYI: https://cafnr.missouri.edu/2020/03/hunger-heroes/