Deaton Scholars Program

The Deaton Scholars Program is the student arm of the Deaton Institute. DSP engages undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from every college and discipline at the University of Missouri in the fight against global poverty and hunger.


The Deaton Scholars Program is excited to announce that the applications to join the Spring 2021 cohort are open until January 24, 2021.  The spring semester program will be primarily held online with opportunities for teams to work online or in person.

As the flagship student arm of the Deaton Institute for University Leadership in International Development, the Deaton Scholars Program is a student-run interdisciplinary program designed to equip you with the tools to make a tangible difference in food insecurity, extreme poverty, and malnutrition in the world around you. Ending hunger in your lifetime is within reach – now, more than ever, we need innovative, young voices at the table.

Applications consist of:

-basic background and contact information

-2 short essay prompts

-a resume/CV

The earlier you apply, the better!

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