For Current Deaton Scholars

DSP Upcoming event: DSP Community of Support,5:00-7:00, Thursday, April 18, Location TBD

Dear DSP community,

One of our inspiring events is coming up soon, Thursday, April 18, location will be announced soon. Please keep in mind the objectives of the event:

– It is a sharing event: groups are encouraged to share challenges, best practices, and obstacles faced during their collective peer mentorship journey. There is no wrong or right answers; and the event is solely meant to learn how to support each other in the best way possible rather than judging groups’ performance. That is key to keep in mind.

– We (all Deaton Scholars) are here to help with group process and project design: our event last semester proved beneficial for groups interested in nurturing their collective peer mentorship by addressing challenges. The event was also very useful to identify resources and ideas for groups in the project development phase. Many Deaton scholars shared valuable information and resources to each other.

– Pre-event suggestion: each group is encouraged to have an open and engaging dialogue on the types of needed support.

– Post-event plan: after the event Professors Brady Deaton and Anne Deaton will allocate days to meet with each group to support them in the best way possible.

Best regards,